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Place your bet... on TV and Mobile!

Posted by Montan on Sep 29, 2011

Matteo MontanFinally, it looks like mobile e-gaming has arrived. Forrester's recent research says optimism is justified for several reasons:
· Increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets
· Faster, more stable networks
· Innovation which follows integration of Web, Mobile and TV

B! agrees, especially with the last point. We entered the regulated eGaming sector back in 2010, confident that we could build a strategy which differentiated us, built on our core competencies (mobile entertainment and interactive TV ) and allowed us to stand above a crowded market dominated by the traditional gambling giants.

After 18 months, we’re happy to see that the market recognizes our efforts. Winga – our eGaming brand – emerges as one of the very few surprises in the Forrester report:

“Buongiorno, the mobile entertainment pioneer, recently launched Winga, a new skill game brand, in Italy, then in France, and will soon launch the brand in Spain. The company aims at becoming a European leader in the skill gaming space. Leveraging its mobile expertise and its ability to manage audience and traffic, Buongiorno is aiming at a multiplatform play — recently launching Winga TV as a dedicated Italian digital TV gaming channel”

The reports captures Winga's recipe for success. Our philosophy is that Gaming is all about fun and entertainment, something really key if you care – as we do - about a socially responsible gaming experience.

That’s why we have launched, with substantial investment, the first Italian eGaming interactive TV channel and the Roulette Show, live every night on channel 63 on Digital Terrestrial TV. Six young, smart trained croupiers run the show in the studio where a real roulette wheel is placed, while players bet from home from their PCs. It’s even better than a real Casino, everything is much more fun and relaxed: the croupiers entertain the players, explain the rules and animate the game.

The “human factor” is definitely paying off, and Winga is gaining day by day market share in the newly regulated market of Italian online Casino that - beside the WingaTV - has shown very little innovation.

To make the experience even more interactive and to leverage the “dual screen” audience (86% of mobile owners in America use their phones while watching TV, says Nielsen) we will launch “Winga remote control”, a web app that allows bets to be placed from smartphones or tablets.

But of course mobile doesn’t only mean better interaction with TV. It means a totally new gaming experience on the move. That’s why we launched Italy's first Bingo Application and a fully fledged Winga Mobile portal with a bunch of games for money and for fun.

Unfriendly technologies have prevented millions of users enjoying their games, but this has been swept aside by the touchscreen revolution. And now it’s amazing to check our stats and see how easily customers register, deposit and play when they have a user interface that works.

The table is open, place your bet! We have already placed ours…

Matteo Montan

Head of New Business

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